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  The Office of Student Affairs is devoted to the service of student affairs and the establishment of comfortable and excellent environment for living and learning on campus. Through our administration, services and sponsorships, students at NCU can enjoy their college life in addition to rigorous academic learning. The NCU campus is enriched by a variety of extracurricular activities, student clubs and social events. All of these not only enable our students to uncover their potential, creativity and imagination, but also advocate them to be confident, disciplined, independent and cooperative.

  We believe these characteristics strengthen our students' competitiveness in their future career developments. As a strong tradition of NCU, underscoring of humanism and social responsibility for students in all activities is practiced by the Office of Student Affairs. The core values of our missions are Interdisciplinary, Intellectual, Inspiration (3I) and Communication, Cooperation, Confidence (3C) .
林沛練  Lin, Pay-Liam
Vice President for Student Affairs
E-mail: tliam@atm.ncu.edu.tw
Extension: 57200
顏宏元  Yen, Horng-Yuan
E-mail: yenhy@cc.ncu.edu.tw
Extension: 57200(學)/65627(研)
Visited Count: 1618
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